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concoct is a friends only community that requires you to join to see any graphics that are posted within. Membership is moderated so we know who is here and taking what, etc.

[1:] Credit for anything taken here is necessary. Please credit the poster (not the community) in the keywords of your icon(s). If you take headers/banners/etc., you may credit the posters in your userinfo.
[2:] Comments are fabulous and necessary. It lets us know what you like, who is taking what, etc. It takes 2 seconds to do & is really easy. :)
[3:] Do not go to the poster's journals asking about something within the community unless it's an issue that may start drama within the community.
[4:] Do not request something on any post unless it specifically states "Requests are welcome!!". We don't have the time to make you anything and everything under the sun.
[5:] Do not hotlink. It's just not nice at all...and will result in banning.
- kristin
- anthony
- minarets
Posting is closed to only us.

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If you would like to become affiliates (we're always welcome to them!), please comment on this post only.
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